Spónn (old Icelandic word for spoon) is inspired by the 16th century font called “Höfðaletur” (head letters). Spónn typeface has three styles: regular, serif, experimental. It is designed with modular shapes inspired by common features found within many of Höfðaletur´s alphabets. Spónn is a new, evaluation typeface that is linked to the past and is brought to the present.
My interest of exploring the magical, non legible ornamental Icelandic font started with one object; a knitting pin stock I inherited from my mother but was carved by my grandfather. I wanted to learn more about it and it´s connection to the universe; where it came from and what it´s potentials could be. By looking at Höfðaletur and it´s history and environment it lead me to be inspired from the dynamic shapes and mystery´s found in the landscape of Iceland.
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